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At M.B. Hearn Architecture our goal is to design your home so that it serves you today, tomorrow, and for generations to come. We want you to feel a sense of joy, contentment, and peace of mind from the outset of your project until you’re relaxing in the comfort of your new home.

Our clients are at the core of all that we do and our dedication to our clients often leads them to bring us on to collaborate on future projects or home designs for their friends and loved ones.

Local Residential Design Is Changing

Hurricane Sandy forever changed how homes are designed and constructed along the New Jersey coast.

In the wake of Sandy’s devastation, most homeowners are building or rebuilding with the support of an architect. They’re doing so to avoid future challenges like those the hurricane brought to bear on homeowners across Ocean and Monmouth Counties.

In addition, in the wake of the global pandemic, many of us are reimagining what we want from our homes and how we want to spend time in each space within our homes.

Our Process

Our design process honors both form and function – both playing by the rules and thinking outside the box. We tailor the design of your project to your personal style and sense of place. We want to know whether you want your home to stand out among its neighbors or blend in with the fabric of the block. We want to know if you need structured symmetry or love asymmetry in balance. Do we have liberty to celebrate a corner, celebrate a view? 


Wondering what M.B. Hearn can do for you? Visit our design gallery for inspiration and examples of our work.

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