additions and alterations

M.B. Hearn Architecture provides our clients with the very best in residential additions and home alterations. Our designs are driven not only by our experience and knowledge of structure and functionality but by our collaborative communication and detail-oriented consultation with our clients.

We understand structure and function. We know local zoning laws, and we respect those laws during our design process.

Residential Additions

Whether you want to add a second floor to your Arts-and-Crafts Avon-by-the-Sea bungalow or you’re looking to add an in-law suite to your Victorian in Manasquan, our team designs additions that complement the existing architectural aesthetic, while simultaneously adding space and function you’re looking for as you expand the place you call home.



Want to preserve the best features of your existing home while updating it to better suit your current needs? We’ve got you covered.

Our alteration design process clarifies your goals and allows us to reimagine spaces within your home so that you can enjoy them even more. From opening up your living room’s floor plan to expanding your kitchen, we pay attention to every last detail and deliver amazing alterations each time.

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